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belinse & lavejazz project



Lavbeatz more

                lavbeatz is a german techno-dj, producer and label owner. his music can be described as: electronical sound with a splash of groovy bass, all shaken not stirred and with these certain rises after the pads, that are essential like the olive in a glass of martini. a song should be diversified and groovy, tell a story and awake positive emotions...lavbeatz is able to combine all of this in his music.

belinse & lavejazz project more

                        belinse & lavejazz project
                a project run by the label owners of villa galaktika recordings: bernd linsenbuehler and andy laveatz have been producing tracks since the late 90s and have created over 300 tracks, which they constantly refine together with different musicians in jam sessions. after composing and producing the album "leuchtstoff" for the artist lampoe, they released the "groove operator ep" and then started producing their own project album "primum" which was created together with 10 musicians.

dean ashby more

                        dean ashby
                dean ashby started djing at the age of 18 in several small clubs around his hometown nuremberg, germany. after that, he organized many parties and started a few years later producing his own tracks incorporating his passion of "deep and soulful house music". he used the vocals of hope for his track "say it". this has been recorded by linse & lavbeatz for their remix to create a smooth and sexy, deep house track. you can find another remix of him on the "primum" album of the belinse & lavejazz project.

dj hakuei more

                        dj hakuei
                hakuei kameda from japan has over 20 years experience as a house dj and has been spinning in many clubs and events in japan. dj hakuei is not only a dj but a producer, as well. he is gifted in remixes and knows what it takes to please his audience. with the soulful track "play that", he created a hit. "play that" shows his individual style as a dj and producer. he incorporates funky guitars, a saxophone, and combines all with soulful vibes and progressive house beats.

hope's matters more

                        hope the band "hope's matters" was founded 2007 in berlin. the songwriter and producer al winter, songwriter and singer nadine "deen" adrian, and the guitar-bass-player martin "m" lenk were the founding members of the band. half a year later, the pianist and saxophonist christoph "stuph" klan joined them and help create the perfect band. their remix of "play that" is a nice reminiscence of the great era of disco/funk house times. you can also listen to hope's voice an the track "quiet by the sea" from sebastien angrand.

lampoe more

                the two label owners found lampoe on myspace in 2007 and after the first jam session it was clear pretty fast, that the 21 year old had great potential. his lyrics differ from the prominent "gangsta-rap" genre and through the mix of story tellin lyrics and the fluffy lounge beats by belinse & lavejazz a new sound was defined: lounge hop - a crossover between electrojazz and german hiphop. The album was recorded at osean recording studio.

linse & lavbeatz more

                        linse & lavbeatz
                linse & lavbeatz is the house music project, which belongs to the label owners of villa galaktika recordings. when they listened to a live set of dj hakuei, they became enthused with the original "play that" track of hakuei and requested to remix it. the result was a progressive track, in which you can find the original meaning of the tune. they incorporated the wonderful voice of hope, who is imported straight from berlin, germany.

muzeek more

                muzeek (france) has been a dj and producer since 1993. house, deep house, minimal, tech house, broken beat, and jungle are muzeek's forte. his first vinyl release was in 1997, as a production of dj claude monnet. several releases followed with compilations like "ibiza max party" & "sound of the seven'th", which included muzeek, as well. later on, 3 releases followed on law recordings by muzeek. muzeek's remix of dean ashby's "deephouse" shows his excellence and skills, as well.

rafworx::oldindustry more

                rafworx :: oldindustry (belgium) has been a dj and producer since 1992 and has spun his tunes over 10 years in international clubs. as a producer and re-mixer, he has released many tracks under several pseudonyms. If you listen to his remix of "play that", you may think that "daft punk" is sitting right next to him.

sebastien angrand more

                        sebastien angrand
                sebastien is a french drummer, composer and producer who already took his first muscial lessons at the age of 9 and then received calssical education at the academy of music in montpellier. 1991 he got involved in jazz studies at the jam (jazz action montpellier), before leaving france in 1997 and moving to germany. here he played in serveral cover bands and also supported known artist on their tours, like nevio and eisbrecher. between live gigs he produces and composes in his own recording studio: osean recording studio. the album "leuchstoff" was also recorded here. he also contributed the track "quiet by the sea" to the album "primum".

tasty more

tasty is a funky house djane from london, england. Her intution for sophisticated music and her "tasty" voice pair up in her style – winning her a lot of followers in the social communities. through her online radio stream she was discovered by villa galaktika and she was flown in, to record some vocals for the "groove operator ep".


osean recording studio

osean recording studio
sebastien angrand
eggersbacherstrasse 40 a
91330 eggolsheim
system protools 8.1.1. (hd accel 2) - logic 9
console trident 80b series
a/d digidesign 192 I/O - agogee big ben
monitors jbl lrs4328sp - yamaha ns-10
outboard neumann u473 - api 3124 mb+ - daking mic/pre eq - dbx
mics neumann - akg - shure - blue - se electronic

orange audio

orange audio studio
thomas hupfer
schützenstrasse 19
91301 forchheim
system samplitude pro, tascam da30, adat, fostex 16 band
console mackie
a/d rme hammerfall 24/96 - tc connect 24d
monitors klein + hummel o300d - jbl 4425
fx tc - roland - lexicon - eventide - kuhnle - spl
mics akg - ev - spl - rode - at - sennheiser - shure


villa galaktika recordings

bernd linsenbühler
& andy laveatz gbr

labelcode: lc 19013
vat-id: de261272857
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